Own Your March Madness

With winter giving way to spring, many of us are hitting the trails. Whether you are getting ready to run a spring race, training for a fall marathon or just getting back into summer swimsuit shape, you can benefit from a sports massage.

Muscles only do one thing, CONTRACT. If your muscles are already tight and contracted, they will test weak as their ability to contract is diminished. Injury is far more likely to occur with tight muscle as the muscle’s ability to stretch is compromised, and it is more likely that you develop tendinosis or other injury at the attachment site.

By getting a sports massage, you bring your muscles into a place of better balance, which then allows them to perform better when you are exercising. 

A good sports massage therapist will take several things into account:

• The sport you are training in and what muscle groups are being challenged.

• Where you are in a training schedule, for example, the number of days to your event, if this is a day off, and if you just exerted yourself.

• Hydration and nutrition may be discussed, as well as what issues you may be having.

• Gear. Are your shoes appropriately suited to your training needs or are they in need of replacement? Has your bike been fitted to you?

To optimize the results of a sports massage, you may wish to do the following:

• Come in after you have exercised and then rest up for the remainder of the day.

• Eat a light meal before the session.

• Make sure you are hydrated. Your session will allow trapped toxins to be released into your bloodstream and your body will need extra fluids to help flush them out.

• Continue to drink water post-session to facilitate flushing thus preventing soreness.

• Schedule a sports massage a few days before an event and follow up with a post-event session.

Come in to see any of our 10 therapists who offer sports massage:

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• Stephanie

Happy injury-free training!

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Jette Keis Hansen
Jette Keis Hansen is a proud mother and the founder of Old Town Massage Center, Inc., which she built from the ground up. Countless hours of work enabled Jette to create a massage center that is in line with her own personal philosophy of how a workplace should function. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the field, Jette holds a number of massage certifications and continuing education certificates. She is an accomplished deep tissue specialist and holds certifications and certificates in neuromuscular massage, sports massage, La Stone therapy, orthopedic massage, muscle release therapy, fertility massage, integrative reflexology, levels 1 and 2 (80 hours) of Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage training, Byodynamic Cranialsacral Training, myofascial release, trigger point, stretching and more. She draws on all knowledge and experience with every client she works with.