Discover What Makes The European Academy of Arts the Best Local Music and Art School

Welcome to the Academy, a premiere school in Northern Virginia created using the finest traditions of music and art education. Whether you are a beginner who makes the first venture into the world of arts, or an accomplished student who wishes to study with a true master, The European Academy of Arts will fulfill your personal goals and expectations. The European Academy of Arts provides superior education for toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Begin your journey today with a school that values quality instruction and a compassionate attitude. 

Quality of education should not be compromised for any reason Choosing the right school for your talented child or your own enjoyment is no simple task. It could mean the difference between years of fruitless lessons and excelling at a rapid pace. Studying with unprofessional teachers might seem like a bargain, but the lack of results after years of lessons proves that the student’s precious time, potential, and family budget are wasted. Some people who would like to study music and art do not realize the difference between true education and its wasteful, even harmful imitations.

In the last few years, our team visited many local music and art schools in the Northern Virginia area. To our surprise, we found their curriculum, facilities, teachers, and most importantly, care for the students sorely lacking. Lessons often took place in churches and spaces neither suitable, nor built and equipped for proper education. Instead of actual pianos, students practiced on plastic keyboards in cramped and uncomfortable classrooms. The teachers of such “schools” had neither a music degree, nor performing and teaching experience. In these poor conditions quality education is just not possible. 

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”
This inspiring quote by Henry Adams summarizes the preeminent mission of The European Academy of Arts’ faculty. Our outstanding teachers are accomplished, world-class musicians with college, graduate and postgraduate degrees from leading American and European music schools. Winners of international competitions, performing artists, teachers, and mentors, these incredible individuals guide every student with the utmost care and attention. They play a significant role in the mental, spiritual and emotional development of students. We are proud of our exceptional faculty! 

Teaching is an art of thought and reflection
At The European Academy of Arts, we offer a custom-tailored study path, which matches the students’ needs perfectly. Every lesson, conducted by our superior teachers, is a true masterclass! They inspire, motivate and ignite students’ interest in learning. At the Academy, students and teachers form a great team and enjoy an amazing journey to artistic success together. Every student is treated uniquely, and receives mentoring, understanding and encouragement. The professionalism of our devoted teachers makes the studies of music and art an irreplaceable and joyful part of students’ daily lives. Every student gains confidence and feels proud of their own artistic achievements. Our students practice with cheers, not tears!

How to Assess a Music and Art School’s Professionalism
In order to assess the professionalism of a given school, one only needs to visit the famous online platform for job seekers, Indeed. You will discover that many of the local music and art schools offer teaching positions to candidates who are neither experienced nor properly educated. Make sure to stay away from dishonest scam schools’ ads that say, “some experience is preferred,” “training is available upon teacher’s request,” and “the candidate must demonstrate basic understanding of music concepts.” Do not trust your education in the hands of a charlatan who may waste your time, money and destroy your dream of becoming an accomplished artist. 

Overcoming fear and inspiring new purpose
Witnessing a student who lost inspiration and joy for learning is always a sad moment. Quite often, such a lack of enthusiasm is caused by a teacher’s lack of competence. Unfortunately, we see unhappy students who received unprofessional instruction on a daily basis. A couple of months ago, an eight-year-old boy came to the Academy for a guitar lesson. His mother explained that her son took guitar lessons for two-and-a-half years at one of the local music shops. According to her, the child learned no skill, lost interest, and worst of all, hurt his wrist in the process. The boy was afraid to go to the class, fearing that the pain may come back. Fortunately, our teacher was able to not only overcome the student’s fear, but also inspire him to resume playing guitar. A couple of lessons later, the boy was able to play several songs, improved his technique and began to write music! His father also enjoys studies of guitar together with his son. It is quite a story to learn from! The damage created by negligent teachers was colossal, but it can be prevented or reversed by our dedicated and experienced faculty. Do not make the same mistake — choose the best school and learn from true experts. 

Instrument quality is vital
It’s important to realize that the quality of instrument carries extreme significance for a student of any age or level. If you would like to paint a nice picture, you will need a fine brush. If you would like to learn the art of piano playing, you will need a fine piano. Unfortunately, most music schools do not care for students’ needs. In order to save money, they feature cheap plastic keyboards. Students develop bad habits, wrong body and hand posture, undermining playing ability. Students who have plastic keyboards at home suffer the most. They have no chance to experience the benefits of playing a real piano, thus making their goal to become an accomplished pianist unattainable. The Academy proudly presents the highest-quality grand pianos for each student. Even our youngest pianists play on quality instruments, developing a delicate connection with the instrument. Students feel like true artists — an experience, lasting a lifetime!

The irreplaceable benefits of studying at The European Academy of Arts
At The European Academy of Arts, the emphasis is always on a student’s educational needs. We have created a warm and harmonious atmosphere for learning. For our student’s artistic growth, we built a wonderful music and art theater, an ideal venue for regular performances. In order to inspire our students’ interest in music and fine art, we create plentiful performing opportunities, such as recitals, concerts, workshops, seminars, competitions, and masterclasses with famous artists. Our students feel inspired and admired, performing on the “home stage!”An individual teacher cannot provide a great venue and many performing opportunities for the students. Typically, a music teacher is limited to organizing two yearly recitals. Students are unable to develop confidence, overcome stage fright and gain valuable performing experience.

Some parents choose teachers who come to their homes for convenience. Usually, they are poorly educated, and constantly race the busy traffic. No teachers of superior qualifications travel to students’ homes. Beware!

Remember: the geniuses of classical music, such as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Martha Argerich, Vladimir Horowitz, and others studied with great teachers in superior schools. Be selective in choosing the best music and art school for your family. Make every day of your life an artistic masterpiece together with The European Academy of Arts!

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We welcome musicians and art admirers to our beautiful venue featuring our magnificent grand piano. It’s an ideal space to rent for different events, from recitals and concerts to lectures and business meetings. We are also able to make high-quality sound and video recordings per your request. The theater has plenty of room for guests, comfortable seating and a separate area for reception. The humble rent price for this wonderful multipurpose venue will pleasantly surprise you.  

Summer is an ideal time to begin your artistic journey. The Academy welcomes students aged 4-17 for all levels of instruments, voice and fine art. All courses are taught by professional musicians and artists. Performing opportunities await for every student. 

We invite every reader to visit our beautiful Academy and to experience superb education in every aspect. Each studio is designed with outmost care and warmth and is dedicated to a famous composer. We create an ideal atmosphere for learning. The European Academy of Arts is not only an outstanding school, but a special place where students are able to spread the wings of their imagination! For your convenience, we have free parking with plenty of spaces. For your safety, the Academy is equipped with motion-detection security cameras. For your comfort, we provide complimentary Wi-Fi and other amenities. 

It is never too late to learn and to enjoy music and fine art
For several years, the Academy’s team of professional musicians and teachers worked tirelessly preparing the finest exclusive programs to meet the specific needs of every student and enable them to realize their full potential. The Academy proudly offers the largest and most professional choice of courses of any school in our area. You will learn beyond your expectations! The school also offers amazing summer camps, lectures, competitions and other events for every music and art lover.
Come and Benefit From Professional Lessons in: Piano | Voice | Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass | Guitar | Ukulele | Oboe | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Trumpet | Tuba Chinese, Korean and Indian music studies | Superior courses in composition, music theory, and jazz studies Group Classes for Toddlers Fun and enriching sing-along, move-along, workshop classes designed for toddlers with one or both parents involved. What a joyful program for the entire family!
Individual Lessons (ages 4 and older) Professional weekly lesson with the principal teacher. Such studies are ideal for students who desire to enjoy music for a lifetime.
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Ideal program for students who wish to study in greater depth and wish to track their progress through the ABRSM level system.
The “Aspiring Artist” A specially designed rigorous program for students who wish to become professionals, prize-winners of famous competitions and performing artists.
Singing Lessons (ages 4 and older) Discover your singing talent! Enjoy your favorite music from classical opera to Broadway musicals and modern pop songs.
Fine Art Classes Discover your talent in painting! During classes, students learn a variety of techniques from crayons and colorful pencils to pastel, watercolors, acrylic, and oil paint.

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Edvinas Minkstimas
Dr. Edvinas Minkstimas, Steinway Artist, is a concert pianist, winner of international piano competitions, co-director of The European Academy of Arts, Artist-in-Residence of the Phillips Collection Music Series and The Embassy Series. Dr. Minkstimas is a graduate of both the Paris Conservatory of Music (CNSM de Paris, Artist Diploma, class of prof. Michel Beroff) and of The Juilliard School (MM, DMA, class of prof. Jerome Lowenthal). He serves on the board of directors of the Washington International Piano Festival, the Liberace Foundation and other arts organizations.