Winter Hair Care Tips with Mona Harb

Are you working with your hair or against it?
January is a great time to step back and do a quick assessment of your hair-care routine. Figure out, are you working with your hair or against it? Remember, each hair type is unique and requires its own style, products, and routine. What’s more, your routine needs change based on the season.

Here are some tips for the winter.  

A beautiful hairstyle starts with a cut that fi ts you, your hair type, and your lifestyle. Make sure your hairstyle fi ts you this season. Do you want your hair to protect your ears and neck from the cold? How about having it shorter, so it blow dries quickly on cold mornings? Either way, you need a good cut that works with your hair and your lifestyle.

For curly hair, after washing, you should always blot your hair dry rather than rubbing or wrapping it turban style. Use only a wide-tooth comb with blunt tips or just your fingertips for styling. If you want to blow dry it, always use a defuser on your hairdryer.

Speaking of blow drying your hair, pay close attention to the direction you blow dry. For hair where the hair needs to be blown dry to build volume, try blow drying your hair gently and evenly over the whole head. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a false cowlick. Are you having a hard time juggling both your brush and your hairdryer? Don’t worry, no brush is necessary; use your fingers to guide your hair. You only need a brush when you are “directing” the hair into something specifi c it won’t do on its own. If the cut is right, the hair should fall naturally without direction from a brush.

Winter weather has low humidity, which means you need to make sure you are hydrating your hair. Hydration is particularly important if you have curly or naturally dry hair. To keep it hydrated, shampoo your hair periodically – once or twice a week, never every day. Winter is also the season of leave-in conditioners and the occasional use of a deep conditioning treatment. Consult your stylist for the frequency of use. The lower humidity also means your hair won’t be as frizzy, allowing you to decrease the amount of product you need to hold your hair in place.

Find a style that makes you smile and feel good. A new look can bring a spring to your step and a smile to go with those new warm sweaters.

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Mona Harb
Mona Harb is a Curlyologist and stylist at Lofty Salon in Vienna, VA. She is known for her expertise in cutting and styling naturally curly hair. She will gladly put your mind at ease with a precut/styling consultation.