Transform Your Life – Smart Weight Loss Strategies Made Personally for You

“I finally did it, and it changed my life,” said Profile by Sanford member Amy Kester as she reflected on her 140-pound weight loss transformation. After years of longing for change and being aware of her unhealthy habits, Amy finally joined Profile. She lost the weight and gained a new perspective on life in the process. 

Amy is one of the 125,000 members who have lost more than two million pounds with Profile. But with an abundance of dieting gimmicks and fads filling the weight loss industry, what sets the growing South Dakota-based program apart? 

Profile was created by doctors and researchers at Sanford Health, one of the world’s largest, most innovative healthcare systems. It’s a safe, reliable program healthcare providers trust, and it includes everything members need for simple, effective weight loss. 

One-on-one Coaching
Every Profile member works one-on-one with a certified health coach through weekly coaching sessions, which offer the support, guidance and motivation members need to lose 3x more weight than they would alone.* Profile coaches work with members to determine their goals and create a personal nutrition, activity and lifestyle plan customized down to their DNA.

Precise DNA Testing
Using the safe and secure Precise DNA test, a Profile coach is able to tell how a member’s body processes carbohydrates with just a simple cheek swab.** Coaches then create a plan that’s tailored to a member’s genetics and works specifically with their unique body. 

Personal Plans
Profile creates customized nutrition, activity and lifestyle plans to ensure members are armed with everything they need to reach their weight loss goals and stay there. Profile coaches take the time to learn about members’ lifestyles, preferences and metabolism so they can create a healthy weight loss plan rooted in science and research. And as members’ journeys change, their plans will, too. 

Delicious, Nutritious Food
From shakes and bars to pastas, pizzas and more, Profile offers a variety of delicious foods for members to choose from. Coaches work with each member to build personalized nutrition plans that combine Profile and grocery store foods for a balanced diet. 

Smart Tracking Technology
A Profile membership includes smart technology that helps track weight loss progress. The Smart Body Scale syncs directly to online member profiles, and when combined with the mobile app, members and their coaches can stay connected throughout their journey. 

Profile Promise
Profile is so confident in their proven program, they guarantee members will see results. The weight loss company promises members will lose 15 percent body weight in 20 or fewer coaching sessions – or they’ll refund the entire membership fee.*** 

“I am so much more confident, and I’m happier. I am capable of so much more now and believe I can do anything,” says Amy. “Walk through that door. Get started, believe in the program and yourself, and you’ll be able to do it.” 

Profile is more than a diet. It’s a proven program that teaches lifestyle transformation for sustainable results. Learn more and schedule a free, no-obligation coaching session now: 703-991-1455 or 

* Individual results will vary. Active Profile members following our program lose 1-3 pounds per week on average. 

** Not available in select states or stores. Visit for details. 

*** See full Client Agreement at 

Andres and Patricia Gonzalez
The husband-wife team, Andres and Patricia Gonzalez, spent years searching for the right business venture to take on. Andres works in retail operations and Patricia is a physician, and they wanted a family business that would combine their interests. The doctor-developed weight loss system, Profile by Sanford, was the perfect fit for the duo. They’re confident Profile will stand out to potential members for the same reason it stood out to them. It’s a science-based approach to weight loss that offers what diets don’t: personalized plans and weekly one-on-one health coaching. The Gonzalez duo strives to impact the community by being an expansion of healthcare. Their Falls Church location is the couple’s first of several projected locations in the Merrifield and Vienna areas.