The European Academy of Arts – An Elite Music and Art School at Your Doorstep

Dear parents, students, and music lovers, welcome to The European Academy of Arts – a world-class school and beacon of arts and culture for Northern Virginia. It’s a great honor to invite you to come and experience an exceptional music and arts education. The European Academy of Arts welcomes students of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, The European Academy of Arts will greatly fulfill your personal goals and expectations. It was created to serve, to nourish, and to inspire students and families. This fine arts school stands out with its own exclusive vision, philosophy of teaching, and depth of its curriculum.

High-quality education is a prerequisite for learning a lifetime skill. Every parent dreams to see their children well-educated and successful. Yet, the seeds of their future success must be planted well ahead of time. The role of outstanding teachers thus is essential for every child’s mental, spiritual and emotional development. 

Throughout the course of the last decade, we were able to visit many of the local music schools in the Northern Virginia area. To our astonishment, we found their curriculum, facilities, faculty, and, most importantly, care for the students sorely lacking. Music lessons often take place in churches and facilities, neither suitable nor equipped for the purpose. Instead of quality pianos, students practice on plastic keyboards in cramped and dirty classrooms. In these poor conditions, the appropriate education is barely possible. Students feel bored and uninterested, and their progress remains limited even after years of studying. We were convinced that such a sad state of affairs had to change. 

Every faculty member of The European Academy of Arts is an accomplished, world-class musician with college, graduate and postgraduate degrees from the leading American and European music schools. Winners of international competitions and performing artists, these incredible individuals shall guide every student with utmost care and attention. At The European Academy of Arts, we strongly believe that the quality of education cannot be compromised for any reason. Each student is unique to us. 

The European Academy of Arts offers ethnic Chinese, Korean and Indian music studies, alongside all traditional Western classical instruments and singing. We offer the largest and most professional choice of courses of any school around. 

For the youngest students, we offer wonderful classes for toddlers. Parent involvement is encouraged, making the learning process fun for the entire family! 

Typical music studies are free of any commitment beyond one, weekly lesson with the principal teacher. Two other types of music study follow the ABRSM and Russian methods with their tiered level system. 

Finally, The European Academy of Arts features the “Aspiring Artist” program, best suited for students, who dream to become professional artists, prize-winners of competitions, and musicians for a lifetime. 

The Academy has close artistic ties with leading music and art organizations, including Steinway, the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, Washington Performing Arts, The Phillips Collection, The Embassy Series, The Juilliard School, among others. 

The European Academy of Arts is led by Dr. Edvinas Minkstimas, a Steinway Artist, a concert pianist, a winner of international piano competitions, and a graduate of both the Paris Conservatory and The Juilliard School. Together with his colleagues, Dr. Minkstimas seeks to present a stream of concerts, seminars, masterclasses, public events, presentations for the community. Residents of Chantilly, Pleasant Valley communities, as well as residents of Northern Virginia, in general, will be able to hear some of the worlds-leading artists in a cozy setting of the European Academy of Arts’ Theater. 

Experience superior music education and become a member of The European Academy of Arts’ Musical Family.

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Edvinas Minkstimas
Dr. Edvinas Minkstimas, Steinway Artist, is a concert pianist, winner of international piano competitions, co-director of The European Academy of Arts, Artist-in-Residence of the Phillips Collection Music Series and The Embassy Series. Dr. Minkstimas is a graduate of both the Paris Conservatory of Music (CNSM de Paris, Artist Diploma, class of prof. Michel Beroff) and of The Juilliard School (MM, DMA, class of prof. Jerome Lowenthal). He serves on the board of directors of the Washington International Piano Festival, the Liberace Foundation and other arts organizations.