Beauty Shines from the Inside

In my mid-thirties, I am a far cry from the awkward pre-teen and teenage girl I was in the past, worried about if a boy would ever like me, and crushed when I was told I was ugly. Words back then meant a lot, and I took them to heart well into my twenties – settling for whoever seemed interested in me at the time because I didn’t believe anyone else would want me or find me attractive. Now, when a drunk guy at the bar tells me I’m “ugly” because I’ve politely, or not so politely, told him I wasn’t interested, I can just smile and say I’m not for everyone, and move on. 

Some would say I grew into myself; I acquired a curve or two, realized my hair is much more mermaid than pixie, and stepped into a more feminine look. I would say I grew into myself, but in a completely different way. I finally figured out who I was, what makes me shine and what really matters. Surprisingly, whether someone finds me physically attractive is not in the top 10 of things that matter, not that I don’t love a compliment here and there when I look nice. 

I’ve learned the phrase “beauty is only skin deep” is a huge lie we need to stop telling our kids and ourselves. I understand the sentiment, I really do, but to me it’s still all wrong. Beauty begins from the inside and glows outward, which is why we should be focused on nourishing our bodies and souls in the beauty industry. It’s easy to go look at the latest and greatest silver bullet in skin care to make ourselves look 18 again. With Botox and collagen threads, vampire facials, microneedling, and everything else out there, why wouldn’t you give that a try? Personally, my skin care philosophy leans towards the thought process that if I wouldn’t eat it, I’m not putting it on my face. Also, if it’s going to show on my skin, am I going to put it in my body? Sure, chocolate cake sounds amazing right now, and in moderation it’s awesome, but if I eat a whole cake every day, my skin, and love handles will show it. So, maybe, beauty does start somewhere inside with what we are putting into and on our bodies. 

My favorite part about beauty is when someone’s inner light is just shining through like a beacon. The moment someone is talking about what they are passionate about. When you get super excited. That perfectly timed compliment bringing a sparkle into your eye on even the worst day. True beauty. The beauty on the inside. I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me, it’s ok. I am a firm believer the plainest person physically can be the star of any room with self-confidence and some passion!

Sleep, water, exercise and healthy foods, you’ve all heard it before, but I will say it again! That’s the easy part. Please get regular facials from a professional to keep your skin healthy. But most importantly, be around people and things that bring out your truest beauty. Your aura is always your best advertisement.

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Jeanette Wages
Jeanette Wages is the owner of The Wellness Cooperative, a premier holistic spa in Old Town, Alexandria. With an extensive background covering many fields, Jeanette has earned a Masters in Linguistics from University of Washington, certification in Aromatherapy from American College of Healthcare Sciences, certification as a Holistic Life Coach from the Spencer Institute, and a certification as an Empowerment Coach from the Universal Coach Institute. She has a passion for serving others and charity work.