Are You Getting the Desired Results with Your Exercise?

Did you know one needs to achieve the right amount of intensity or “fatigue” on the muscles in order to see change happen? As we get older, we are dealing with past overuse issues and/or limitations that make achieving the right amount of intensity on the muscles difficult. 

Do not despair, because new technology is here. Low impact and joint-friendly, Whole-Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation with a certified trainer can deliver in 20 minutes all benefits of a 90-minute training. With more strength and defined muscles, metabolism increases and body shape change happens.

If you desire more toning, shaping, strengthening and weight loss, then consider a trial session at Personal20.

“Saves you time! This is an amazing full workout that you have to try for yourself. I was skeptical at first, but it really does give you an intense workout in half the time. It’s like you are actually lifting weight with no impact. Your coach explains everything and controls the intensity. Worth a try to get into shape or stay fit!!!” 

“Best workout going to minimize joint damage and maximize fitness. Been working with Personal20 team for almost a year and look forward to every session. Trimmer, stronger, fitter, and all in a friendly, supportive environment and in the hands of experts. If you are looking for a great workout that is schedule friendly and produces great results… check them out now!” 

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Connie Ruiz
Connie Ruiz is the owner and co-founder of Personal20. Originating in Portugal, Connie is now heading up the first location in the United States in Herndon, Virginia. With more than 25 years of fitness industry and brand start-up experience, Connie was captivated by the new technology and is excited to be the first in Northern Virginia managing Personal20’s Electro Fitness Studio.