Get Ready, Get Set, Get Stronger Faster!

“Life is too short to do something you don’t love.” That is just one of the reasons that I was drawn to the benefits of Whole-Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) and got involved with Personal20. I love the benefits of fitness and I have always been a “group fitness” exerciser, knowing that body shape change happens more effectively with strength training. 

At every age, strength is important for resiliency, speed, and agility – from arms, to legs, and the core muscles around the spine. Personal20 makes it possible to get stronger faster, and ready for summer in a shorter amount of time. The technology of WB-EMS achieves the results of a traditional 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes. This is the first and only medical device for exercise in the U.S., cleared by the FDA in 2014. 

A boost in natural muscle use 
WB-EMS technology boosts the brain’s bio-electrical impulses to stimulate muscle fibers, letting nature do its work with hi-tech assistance. In each Personal20 session, all muscles are stimulated with low-impact, joint-friendly exercise. 

Therapeutic bonus
The therapeutic advantages of WB-EMS are already widely known in Europe. This method of low impact training is safe for a range of fitness levels, and especially for those with physical limitations or preparing for hip, knee, or shoulder surgery. 

Gain strength faster 
Be ready for the heavy lifting of summer – sports, yard chores, or enjoying playtime with the grandbabies. This year, feel good and ready for beach time with defined arms, legs, and glutes. 

Results are proven
After four weeks of twice-weekly sessions, a noticeable change is evident. As strength and muscles increase, so does motivation. With results comes the desire to continue and improve fitness. Metabolism also increases, which brings on the advantage of a longer period of calorie burning. Personal20 sessions are customized, monitored, and analyzed for every individual by certified personal trainers. 

Alicia and her husband Rory have both achieved results with Personal20. Alicia’s statistics show her strength increased by 30 percent after each session. In three and a half months, she lost three and a half pounds and two inches. “As soon as you’re done, you feel good and want to do it again!” 

If you’re looking to change your body shape, fit better into clothes, burn more calories, or take on nature’s toll on muscles, get started and be ready sooner with an Introductory Pack of three sessions for $109. If you are up for a challenge, then sign up by May 15 for The 20 Min Challenge, which offers eight sessions for $299. Give Personal20 your body twice a week for four weeks, and they will give you a body shape change! 

The Personal20 studio is conveniently located just off the Dulles Toll Road at Worldgate Center in Herndon at 13037 Worldgate Drive (entrance of Sport & Health). For more information, call Personal20 at 703-559-4040 and visit

Connie Ruiz
Connie Ruiz is the owner and co-founder of Personal20. Originating in Portugal, Connie is now heading up the first location in the United States in Herndon, Virginia. With more than 25 years of fitness industry and brand start-up experience, Connie was captivated by the new technology and is excited to be the first in Northern Virginia managing Personal20’s Electro Fitness Studio.