Need Exercise But Can’t Find Enough Time?

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a new technology that can deliver all the benefits of a traditional 90-minute workout in only 20 minutes. How? Thanks to technology that can activate all the muscles to contract while exercising.

This makes it possible to tone the muscles so that new definition is achieved quickly. Highly effective, the EMS has a pulse width that can stimulate all muscles in a low-impact workout that is joint-friendly.

Our customized programs deliver body shape change for executive professionals, busy mothers, and fitness enthusiasts. All can benefit from strength training with EMS.

Not only is EMS good for defining arms and legs, the technology works with a pulse width that can reach the deepest muscle fibers running along the spine to create a stronger core and tighter abs with no undue stress on the back. Normally, these core muscles can be hard to target.

When muscles are worked to a point of fatigue, the change starts to happen. As one gains strength and muscles, an individual’s metabolism runs higher, meaning your body burns more calories for a longer period of time. In addition, clients with knee, back, and shoulder issues experience a loosening effect without undue stress on those joints. Bonus: a friendly workout for those preparing for knee/hip replacement surgery!

Strong is the new skinny! If you want a body shape change, to burn more calories during the day, and fit better into your clothes, then try our Introductory Pack – just $109 for 3 sessions!

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Connie Ruiz
Connie Ruiz is the owner and co-founder of Personal20. Originating in Portugal, Connie is now heading up the first location in the United States in Herndon, Virginia. With more than 25 years of fitness industry and brand start-up experience, Connie was captivated by the new technology and is excited to be the first in Northern Virginia managing Personal20’s Electro Fitness Studio.