Winter May Be the Best Time for Your Body Contouring Procedure

Body contouring procedures help patients regain their slimmer, trimmer appearance after weight loss, pregnancy, and aging have taken their tolls. Excess, sagging skin can be removed, fatty deposits can be excised, and loosened muscles can be tightened again to help you achieve your best look. 

If you are considering any body contouring procedure, this winter season is actually the perfect time to plan it. Dr. Gartside and staff at New Image Plastic Surgery share a few reasons why: 

Covering Up and Recovery Is More Comfortable 

Winter wardrobes are perfect for hiding the signs of surgery during healing. Following many body contouring surgeries, you’ll need to wear a compression garment for support and to control swelling for several weeks. These garments can be thick, uncomfortable and make dressing difficult. They can also get hot and sweaty, during the spring or summer seasons. In the winter, however, it’s cold out and you are already wearing bulky clothing to keep warm so it’s easier to cover up and hide the signs of surgery. Recovery can actually be more comfortable when it’s cold out. Another plus of winter weather is that it’s easier to keep post-op swelling under control, as your body isn’t working as hard to dissipate heat. 

Taking Time Off Is Easier 

Most patients say that it is easier to take time off work for a “staycation” during the winter season than it is during the summer months by using vacation days or sick time away from the office. There are also a few holidays throughout the winter season that you can take advantage of to avoid burning through all your paid time off. Friends and family may also have down time to help you during your recovery. 

Less Sun Exposure 

Most surgeries or procedures require you to stay out of the sun for a period of time since UV rays can impact your body’s ability to heal and can make residual scarring more visible. During the winter months, it is easy to avoid sun exposure because you’re pretty much indoors and wearing layers of clothing to cover up and protect surgical sites. 

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter 

Summer is a whole six months away giving you plenty of time to recover, allowing scars to fade, letting implants settle and liposuctioned areas to shrink prior to bathing suit season. By scheduling your procedure now, you will give your body ample time to heal properly before the skin-baring days of summer roll around again. Once those warmer temperatures hit, you will be ready to flaunt your new body to the world! 

While there is no hard and fast rule on the best time to have cosmetic surgery, there are a number of advantages to addressing aesthetic concerns during the colder winter months. Whether you’re planning on getting a tummy tuck, breast implants, a butt lift or a little liposuction to banish that muffin top, you need to factor in recovery time which makes the winter prime healing time. 

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Roberta Gartside
Roberta L. Gartside, MD, FACS is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and with over 25 years in practice, Dr. Roberta Gartside is one of the most experienced and highly sought-after plastic surgeons in the area. In addition to offering patients a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures, she also offers outpatient skincare treatments such as fillers, like Botox, and lasers, including the Gentle Waves Skin Fitness System™ - a breakthrough LED light treatment therapy that helps rejuvenate aging skin. While patients certainly appreciate Dr. Gartside’s vast experience and offerings, they also place great value in the time she and her gregarious staff take to explain each and every option available to them. Committed to upholding the utmost standards in her specialty, in addition to working on the medical staff at Fairfax Hospital, Fair Oaks Hospital and Reston Hospital Center, Dr. Gartside has served as Vice President of Membership and Communications for the American Society of Plastic Surgery and as a Board Representative of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. She has also worked with Operation Smile and the Fairfax Skindeep Tattoo Removal Program in the past.