Keeping the “Medicine” in Aesthetic Medicine

Husband and Wife Team Share a Love for Restoring Confidence in Their Patients

The Aesthetic Medical Center is a boutique cosmetic practice opened by Dennis Faludi, M.D. and his wife Janice Adamshick in the heart of Tysons. Dr. Faludi and Janice met in 2011, and in 2013 they decided to blend their professional backgrounds to create a medical practice where patients would receive non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a quiet, relaxed setting – all performed by an experienced reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Faludi and Janice have loved their work and their patients since the day they opened this practice.

Dr. Faludi’s Background
Dr. Faludi’s interest in surgery began in childhood. During his medical training he developed a particular passion for delicate orthopedic procedures. After attending Albany Medical College, he completed his orthopedic residency and went on to fellowships at Johns Hopkins and University of San Francisco, where he further specialized in reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and surgery of the hand. He loved the fact that hand surgery involved neurosurgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery, often requiring work with sutures as fine as human hair. Dr. Faludi and his family settled in McLean, VA in 1983, and he opened a surgical practice in Alexandria. His practice thrived for 22 years, and he rose to become Chief of Staff at National Orthopedic Hospital, in addition to holding numerous other leadership positions in his field.

The Transition From Reconstructive Surgery to Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Faludi planned to continue the surgical career that he loved through retirement, but the unexpected death of his wife changed the course of his life. He lost his closest friend, his practice manager, and the mother of his three sons, the youngest of whom is on the autistic spectrum. With the support of his staff, Dr. Faludi kept his surgical practice open, but it soon became clear that his sons, especially his youngest, needed more of his time and energy than he was able to give. He decided to put his career on hold temporarily in order to completely devote himself to his family. Once his sons were settled, Dr. Faludi was ready to return to his profession. However, in view of the changes that were occurring in the field of medicine, he decided to open a different type of practice: one in which he could provide the highest quality of care to his patients and still have time for a full family life. The emerging field of Aesthetic Medicine was an exciting new specialty, and his skills as a reconstructive surgeon transferred naturally into the delicate work required for these procedures.

Dr. Faludi’s Wife and Practice Manager, Janice
Soon after Janice and Dr. Faludi met, they realized that they wanted to live and work together. They share a passion for healing, and they have found that helping people feel better about their appearance can have powerful healing effects on many levels. Janice runs the administrative side of the practice, in addition to marketing and community outreach. She is usually the first contact for patients, and she works closely with Dr. Faludi to ensure they are receiving excellent care. Prior to opening the Aesthetic Medical Center, Janice worked as an exercise physiologist, specializing in programs for clients with medical issues. She holds a Master of Science in Exercise Science from George Mason University, where she taught Human Anatomy & Physiology for four years. Through her work with students and clients, Janice learned that truly caring about people is as important to them as any professional service, a principle that she applies to her work with every patient in this practice.

What Makes the Aesthetic Medical Center So Unique?
The Aesthetic Medical Center is unique in several ways. The practice is devoted entirely to minimally invasive cosmetic medical treatments. Dr. Faludi personally performs every procedure, as well as all consultations and follow-up visits. All cosmetic consultations are complimentary, and Janice schedules a limited number of appointments each day, which allows Dr. Faludi to take as much time as needed with each patient and ensures that the waiting room is never crowded. They understand that each patient deserves their full attention, and that is only possible when nobody is rushed. As a result, nearly 90 percent of their new patients now come in as personal referrals from existing patients.

The Most Popular Treatments at the Aesthetic Medical Center
The Aesthetic Medical Center offers a limited selection of services, each carefully evaluated for safety and effectiveness. A significant number of people are referred to Dr. Faludi for dermal filler treatments because of his advanced microcannula technique, which allows him to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results with a bruising rate of less than five percent. Botox is also one of their most requested treatments, primarily because of Dr. Faludi’s thorough understanding of facial anatomy and the fact that he uses needles that are finer than those used for insulin injections. Excel V Laser treatments for spider veins, facial vessels, and brown spots are also very popular because patients specifically want Dr. Faludi to perform these procedures. Last year, Dr. Faludi began offering Ultherapy treatments for non-surgical lifting and tightening of the face, neck, chest and arms, and it has rapidly become one of their most requested procedures. Patients appreciate Dr. Faludi’s advanced training and experience as a reconstructive surgeon, which allows him to customize procedures according to the needs of each individual patient.

Keeping Patients Comfortable
Dr. Faludi is always concerned about a patient’s comfort during a procedure, and he and Janice take care to ensure that the treatment experience is as relaxing and pain free as possible. Dr. Faludi uses topical and local anesthesia, in addition to nerve blocks, when necessary. Additionally, the practice now offers Pro-Nox, an FDA approved, nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesic system that allows patients to safely control their level of comfort and relaxation with immediate effects. No narcotic pills or injections are needed, and the patient is able to drive 20 minutes after the procedure.

Giving Back to the Community
With their shared passion for healing, Dr. Faludi and Janice contribute to a number of charitable causes on behalf of the Aesthetic Medical Center. Philanthropy has always been a key component of the practice’s mission. Both Dr. Faludi and Janice volunteer with The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, where Janice is an active member of the Business Women’s Giving Circle. They also support The Women’s Center, Women Giving Back, SafeSpot, and other non-profit organizations. In their view, giving back to the community is essential to running a healthy business.

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