Meet the Dentist, Dr. Afreen Sayeed, DDS

Dr. Afreen Sayeed graduated from University of Texas, School of Dentistry at Houston. She also attended St. John’s University in New York where she focused not only on the sciences but studied and developed a deep interest in Ethics and Philosophy. Dr. Sayeed builds trusting and genuine relationships with each patient and is committed to providing the best that dentistry has to offer. She seeks to improve her patients’ overall health through healthy teeth and gums, allowing for improved self-esteem and self-confidence through a beautiful smile. Dr. Sayeed believes modern dentistry should be pain and stress free, provide excellent clinical results, and remain affordable.

I think what I love the most about practicing dentistry is the potential positive impact I can have on my patients’ well-being. The confidence and comfort that a healthy, beautiful smile brings to my patients is so valuable to me. Time and again I am witness to this during their treatment and recall visits. The improvement that I see in my patients’ oral health and overall health and knowing that any encouragement that I may have given them has allowed them to not only see the importance of dental health, but to actually implement my tips and suggestions in their daily routine- now that’s something to love!

I know that if there is one thing, as a patient myself, that I notice when going to any doctor, it is the formal atmosphere, long wait-time, minimal doctor-time and almost a sense of discomfort. Visits are usually comprised of very little one-on-one time with the doctor and seem almost rushed. This is what my practice strives to do differently, and this comes naturally to us! We value our patients’ time and emphasis on the quality of care is our priority. I strongly believe in allotting ample time for all appointments so our patients are comfortable, dental treatment is performed with the utmost quality and all questions are thoroughly answered. Our goal is for patients to have a complete sense of clarity about their dental needs and treatment. I am an informal type of person as I believe formalities tend to form barriers. Therefore, I interact with my patients in the same way I would interact with a good friend or family member. I try to educate, discuss and treat my patients with a very down-to-earth and practical approach. Our goal is to ensure that our patients are comfortable enough to discuss their point of view, their concerns and their dental goals openly and with a sense of trust. From the very warm smile of our front desk receptionist Nathaly, to our caring and compassionate dental assistants Farzana and Leslie, to our lovable and kind hygienist Akbar, every moment that we provide patient care is special to us.

I think the best way to ease a patient’s fear is by building a trusting relationship. And this requires time, communication, honesty, sincerity, being genuine and showing empathy. When our patients understand that we have their best interest at heart, fears melt away. We offer nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas therapy!) if needed to relieve anxiety and some patients do benefit from this as well. However, my goal is to focus on building a strong foundation with each patient, based on honesty, trust and compassion, so fear eventually takes a backseat.

There is always a reason to smile.

There have been so many! I think the most recent happiest professional moment was when my brother Akbar Sayeed, RDH joined our dental practice as our full-time dental hygienist! We share the same vision and have the same passion and goals-to provide our patients with the most relaxing, comfortable and carefree dental experience and to ensure healthy and beautiful smiles for all our patients, for years to come.

I was born in India but raised in New York so a part of me will always be a New Yorker. However, I’ve lived in Maryland, Texas and California as well and now, for the past seven years, Northern Virginia, and specifically Fairfax, is without a doubt where I call home! I cannot help but to make a comparison of Fairfax with all other cities that I have lived in, and Fairfax reigns supreme! My daughters’ Sameen and Farheen (whom I sometimes refer to as Samfar-the name of our dental practice) are excelling in their sophomore year at Fairfax High School and we absolutely love this area!

When I am not practicing dentistry, I am cooking. And sometimes I think if I was not a dentist, I would be a Food Network Star, or at least a competitor on Chopped! I am in the process of compiling recipes and would love to publish my own cookbook someday (traditional Hyderabadi dishes and Indian-American fusion). I have decided on a name for my cookbook, “Dawath Dil Se.” This means “Entertaining from the Heart” in Urdu, but the interesting part of this name is the initials DDS – my dental degree, Doctor of Dental Surgery. Maybe, this was meant to be!

Dr. Sayeed’s private practice, Samfar Dentistry is accepting new patients for general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family. To schedule your appointment call (703) 591-4111 or email Visit for more information. Samfar Dentistry is located at 11213 A Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030.