Here She Is – Caroline Weinroth

A Miss Virginia titleholder, Musician and arts advocate.

On being a musician:
I use art to make sense of life. Being a rock musician with my band, Cinema Hearts, gives me the freedom to explore different artistic disciplines; not only music, but visual art, photography, film, theater, and poetry.

On Deciding to enter pageantry:
I competed in my first pageant when I was 18 and a freshman in college. It was the Miss Northern Virginia Pageant, a Miss America local title. At the time, it wasn’t for me. After I graduated last year, I realized how much the experience of participating in one Miss America pageant inspired my music and how I carried myself in my everyday life, so I decided to compete again. I love the Miss America Organization. The combination of community service, talent, and glamour appeals to me.

On winning the title of Miss Mountain Laurel:
I was so surprised, I thought it was a mistake when they called my name as the winner! Miss Mountain Laurel is a beautiful title to hold because I’m not limited to one region of Virginia, I can serve any part of the state and meet with all different kinds of people. With my crown, I’ve attended events in Fairfax, Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Washington, DC.

On your music empowerment Platform:
My community service platform is Music Empowerment, which is a movement to create civic change through music education, with an emphasis on encouraging women and girls in music. According to the non-profit Women’s Audio Mission, only 5% of the people creating sound in our lives are women. Working and studying as a musician and music organizer empowered me to become a confident woman, and I aspire to share that power with other girls. As Miss Mountain Laurel, I give speeches at events about my experience as a woman in the music industry, I volunteer at benefit shows and with non-profits, and I mentor girls who also dream of making music.

On preparing for the Miss Virginia competition:
I study a lot: books, websites, newspapers, everything. The private interview with the judges is one of the most important parts of the competition, and I want to prove to them that I have the intelligence and ability to take on the job of Miss Virginia.

On what’s next:
I want to share my art and platform to people outside of the Northern Virginia area. This summer, I’d like to create music videos and travel. Whether I win the title of Miss Virginia or not, I’m still Miss Mountain Laurel for the year and that’s an incredible honor.