Spiritual, Balanced, Focused

Lisa Ashe is a medical doctor who combines a holistic approach to health with concierge services to create the perfect practice harmony.

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about healthcare. Every time you open your internet browser an article appears about the benefits of a new vitamin, or how some common kitchen item has been proven harmful to your health. It’s no wonder that many people have anxiety about seeing a doctor – whether that anxiety translates into procrastinating a necessary appointment, or to an impatient need to see a medical professional to calm nerves about a pesky symptom.

Local doctor Lisa Ashe understands that everyone has different needs and varying comfort levels when it comes to traditional medicine. With new information emerging every day, and in an era where people are living longer, she addresses each one of her patients as individuals within her own practice, Be Well Medical Group, which is based in National Harbor, Md.

Everything Dr. Ashe does professionally is for the purpose of more personalized care. As the solo practitioner at Be Well, which provides preventative care and internal medicine, she incorporates osteopathic medicine into her practice and also provides concierge services. Both allow Dr. Ashe to provide more personalized healthcare to her patients, who live all over the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. She has in-office patients as well as patients she travels to see.

“Osteopathic medicine focuses on achieving wellness by promoting health and disease prevention,” Dr. Ashe explains. “Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury. It also uses hands-on diagnosis and treatment through a system of therapy known as osteopathic manipulative medicine by looking at the body’s relationship between structure and function.”

The concierge medical program is a more enhanced service that allows Dr. Ashe to know her patients on a level that she couldn’t with a traditional practice. For example, she makes house calls to her concierge patients. She can arrange same-day appointments for them and also has the liberty to recommend and conduct certain testing and procedures that insurance companies aren’t necessarily required to cover, and thus, don’t happen regularly in traditional doctors’ offices.

“Many of the patients are saying that it involves less stress than a traditional medical practice, is easier to get appointments and they like being able to email and call their doctor on the phone when necessary,” Dr. Ashe explained. “Some studies also suggest that it results in lower hospitalization rates and healthier patients.”

Dr. Ashe said seeing fewer patients in a day when compared with a typical in-office internist is worth it to her because she’s allowed to build better relationships with the patients she does have.

“I chose osteopathic medicine because it focuses on the whole body and not just disease,” Dr. Ashe explained. “I wanted to learn medicine from a holistic point of view and I chose concierge medicine because I wanted to be able to spend more time with my patients and deliver better care. I didn’t want to have to see thirty patients per day in order for my business to survive.”

Dr. Ashe moved to the D.C. area eight years ago.

“I’m originally from Philly,” Dr. Ashe said. “I went to medical school in Philadelphia, at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I then did my internship at Georgetown University and my residency at Providence Hospital in conjunction with George Washington University. I fell in love with the area and stayed.”

Dr. Ashe started Be Well Medical group in 2015, after doing travel medicine for five years. Seeing how much further she could reach as a traveling physician, Dr. Ashe knew she had to incorporate a concierge program in the practice she would one day build herself.

She said that concierge medicine has many benefits, and that the enhanced service is likely worth the fee. After all, we only get one body to last us a lifetime.

“Anyone who is looking for more access to their doctor, the ability to schedule timely appointments, or more personalized medicine should consider both concierge medicine and an osteopathic route,” Dr. Ashe said.

For someone who is so devoted to quality care for her patients, Dr. Ashe knows that overall wellness involves a balance. She said that carving out time for herself on a regular basis contributes to her success as a medical professional.

“Every week, I try to schedule time for myself,” she said. “I block off an hour or two to just do nothing. I catch up on my TV shows and meet friends for brunch or dinner once a week.”

Personal wellness and spirituality both play a big role in her daily life, which to an outsider might seem impossible to imagine for the life of a busy doctor.

“I wake up between  6 and 7 every day,” she said. “I pray and meditate, grab coffee and am at the office or hospital by 8AM. I usually work until 6 or 7 o’ clock in the evenings. Two days per week, I work out with my personal trainer at the gym after work. Other evenings, I’m writing articles and preparing for medical media segments.”

Dr. Ashe writes articles for a number of publications, and her topics include more than medical issues that she has mastered. She also writes on current events, local issues and perhaps, nearest and dearest to her heart, on religion and spirituality. She regularly speaks publicly about religion, too.

“I’m a licensed minister and I love preaching,” she said. “I spend a lot of time at church and I have a passion for combining medicine and ministry when I can. I just completed a Masters in Divinity from Virginia Union University’s Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology, and love studying homiletics [the study of writing and delivering sermons].”

She has delivered some of these sermons at the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, so it is clear that there is rarely a weekend that Dr. Ashe is not working to reach out to her community with her wide breadth of knowledge and expertise.

To learn more about Dr. Ashe and Be Well Medical Group, call 800-807-7854 or visit bewellmedicine.com.

Ashley Claire Simpson is a Marketing Communications Specialist for a local military association, but her real passion is freelance writing for a number of publications, including Fairfax/Alexandria Woman. She has been writing features and human interest pieces since her college newspaper days at the University of Virginia, where she graduated in 2008. Ashley has lived in the D.C.-metropolitan area for most of her life and always relishes the opportunity to learn and write about so many inspirational local women who make a difference in the community - and in the world at large.