Raising the Barre in Fitness, Studio Barre Opens in Alexandria

Sculpt and stretch by working small muscles groups to the point of fatigue

“Shaking during a pose is a good thing, it means you’re changing your body.”

From the moment you step foot into Studio Barre located in Old Town Alexandria you notice the welcoming environment: a light filled space, brightly colored decor and smiling staff. Chances are you will meet, Angela Lutzker, the owner of Studio Barre Alexandria, when you walk in for your first class.  Instantly, you will be inspired to get down to a serious workout.

Studio Barre provides a transformative workout for everyone whether you are in the best shape of your life or just getting into an exercise routine. The Studio Barre workout allows you to sculpt your body from head to toe, get a lean, strong dancer like body and get your cardio and stretching all in a one hour session.  Sound too good to be true?  It gets even better because this workout doesn’t stress your joints or cause injuries, and the results begin to show quickly.

These benefits are accomplished by working small muscles groups to the point of fatigue.  While barre gets its name from the ballet barre, you don’t need any ballet experience to take advantage of the Studio Barre workout, which also incorporates elements of yoga, pilates and other core and cardio exercises. And, while the workout is intense you will have plenty of encouragement and upbeat music to keep you motivated. Shaking during a pose is a good thing, it means you’re changing your body.

Angela, a local resident of Alexandria, never would have believed these results were possible but she experienced it for herself.  “What is just so amazing is how quickly you will see and feel the changes that Studio Barre can do for your body,” says Angela. “The workout can be modified so anyone can do it regardless of their size, shape, age or fitness level, and it is so safe. It strengthens without tearing you down.”  It simply accesses muscles that other exercises do not.

Angela says that this workout changed her life which is why she decided to turn her passion into the journey of being a local business owner, spreading seeds of health and fitness throughout her community.  While she was always drawn to fitness and healthy eating, she sustained injuries through long distance running that kept her from continuing with her running.  She didn’t want to enter her 40s without feeling strong, so she tried many different fitness classes and types of exercises, however none of them resonated with her or made her feel strong until she found barre.

By her fourth barre class she could already feel and see the transformation happening. “I could already tell that my core was stronger and could see new muscle definition throughout my body, says Angela. “It truly felt as though I had found the magic key that unlocked all the doors I had been trying to open, there is something life-changing about strengthening the core, it makes every aspect of your life better.”

She also noticed that her back pain went away as a result of strengthening her seat muscles.  She found that she could do yoga poses that were not previously accessible, hold all yoga poses longer, and she had more strength and speed when riding her bike around town.

“The Studio Barre workout is so efficient, if you do this workout three times per week you really don’t need anything else.”  This is particularly helpful for the busy schedules that so many of us have.  If you like to cross train with other forms of exercise, the Studio Barre workout makes you stronger for those activities.  Angela’s husband found that after two weeks of taking Studio Barre classes he felt years younger while running.

“The Studio Barre experience is so much more than just the amazing workout.” Angela says that the close knit community that has already developed at Studio Barre Alexandria is a result of the warm, wonderful clients and the staff’s desire to connect with them.  “Our clients come to the studio with their positive energy, there are women, and a few men, from all different age groups and fitness levels who bring their unique life experiences into our world. We’ve made friends and witnessed friendships develop among the clients”.

For any newcomers who want to try Studio Barre for the first time, Studio Barre Alexandria has a team of instructors who are there to guide you through the process.  They are trained to provide modifications for injuries, limitations, pregnancy and so much more.

Studio Barre Alexandria – 610 North Fayette St., Alexandria, VA 22314

Call 571-970-3305 to schedule your first class! Visit facebook.com/StudioBarreAlexandria/ for more information.